Safety Light Curtains

Safety Light Curtains

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We are authorized distributor for Carlo Gavazzi light curtain & fotek light curtain.We are dealing wide range of other products like capacitive sensors, Inductive Proximity sensors, Photo sensors, Level sensor, loop detector, light curtain etc., & supporting the customers in better aspects.

Main features
- Failure diagnosis by LEDs
- Easy alignment and mounting procedure
- 161mm up to 1650 mm
- Compact dimensions

Carlo Gavazzi's range of light curtains are available in various heights and are available with finger, hand, and body resolutions. Our light curtains are designed and manufactured in conformity with EN954-1 and EN61496 and have TUV and cUL approvals. Carlo Gavazzi light curtains, in conjunction with our safety modules, are suitable for use in applications up to category 4 and we have elevator light curtain,spm light curtain,hydraulic press light curtainetc. Features include fixed and floating blanking, cascade operation (SB4M), external device monitoring, and on our body resolution curtains we also feature a muting function with built-in muting sensors. Accessories include deviating mirrors, floor stands, and supports