Photoelectric Sensor

Photoelectric Sensor

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PHOTOELECTRIC SENSOR are widely used in many kind of applications,We deals photoelectric sensor in two brand carlo gavazzi photo sensor and fotek photo sensor.This photoelectric sensors are used mainly in object presence sensing,object counting etc. our photo sensor has both npn/pnp output and also inbuilt relay output.

apart from photo sensor we deals with capacitive sensors, Inductive Proximity sensors, Photo sensors, Level sensor, loop detector, light curtain, Temperature controller, power regulator, Solid state relay(SSR), Electro mechanical relays(EMR), current monitoring relay, Voltage monitoring relay, smps etc., We are providing one year warranty for all our products.

Our products gives many solutions for different applications. carlo photoelectric sensors has diffuse,retroreflective,through beam etc.being a distributor for carlogavazzi india we support to several OEMS like hvac,lifts, packaging and so many other customers.

Carlo gavazzi photoelectric sensors details are given below;-

Main features

- Plastic and Metal housing
- Sensitivity adjustment by teach in programming
- Models with microprocessor control
- Miniature sensors width only 10 mm

Carlo Gavazzi offers a large range of Photoelectric Sensors which are used extensively on packaging machinery, automatic door systems, and plenty of industrial applications. Our carlo photo sensors are available in diffuse reflective, background suppression, reto-reflective, polarized, through beam, clear object detection, and colour recognition. We also offer a range of fibre-optic type sensors for applications where a conventional sensor cannot be used (space restrictions, temperature, atmosphere) Our range include VP series optical types (ideal for use in level applications). They are available in different housing materials which allow their use in various industrial cleaning solutions.