Phase Failure Relays

Phase Failure Relays

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  • TRMS 3-phase over and under voltage, phase sequence, phase loss, asymmetry and tolerance monitoring relay
  • Detect when all 3 phases are present and have the correct sequence
  • Detect if all the 3-phase-phase or phase-neutral voltages are within the set limits
  • Detect if asymmetry and tolerance are within the set value
  • Separately adjustable set points
  • Separately adjustable delay functions (0.1 to 30 s)
  • Output: 2 x 8 A relay SPDT NE
  • For mounting on DIN-rail in accordance with DIN/EN 50 022 (DPC01) or plug-in module (PPC01)  45 mm Euronorm housing (DPC01) or 36 mm plug-in module (PPC01)
  • LED indication for relays, alarm and power supply ON